Disc Feeder



The disc feeder is a round vibrating feeder main applied to feed the material to the next process with continuous and uniform processing. This product is suitable for transporting loose material. ( not suitable for handling materials with large size or poor liquidity)

It mainly consists of motor, reducer, coupling, large bevel gear, bevel gear small, disc, base, enclosures, racks and other components.

Technical Parameters:

Model  YG100
Capacity  m3 /h ≤14
Feeding Size  mm ≤50
Water Content ≤10%
Disc Diameter  mm 1000
Motor Model and Power  kW Y112M-6, P=2. 2
Reducer Model JZQ350-Ⅲ-1Z (i=31.5)
Dimension  mm 1743.5×1280×1500
Weight  kg 950


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