Sintered Brick Machine-Brick Extruder


Sintered Brick Machine-Brick Extruder

Adobe shapping machine is an important part of sintered brick machine line, and we call it brick extruder, which is an developed vacuum two-stage brick extruding machine. It is used to press raw materials such as mixture of clay, shale, fly ash, gangue into wet strips. Then the strips are processed by the brick setting machine. At last, adobes are fired in the tunnel kiln into sintered bricks.

Sintered brick extruders are made of high quality steel with reasonable structure, powful extrusion, high vacuum degree, excellent durability, etc. They are employed to make sintered bricks such as solid brick, load-brering perforated brick, high-rate hollow bricks, or bricks with logo in it.


Production Flow of Sintered Bricks

1. Coarse crushing: carry out by jaw crusher and hammer crusher for large material crushing;
2. Screening: roller screen;
3. Aging silo for storage and aging;
4. Material matching in feeder;
5. Fine crushing: roller crusher for further grinding;
6. Clay mixing other material like shale, gangue, fly ash in the disc type mixer;
7. Brick making: host machine-brick extruder for brick pressing, forming and extruding;
8. Brick setting suck as strip and adobe cutting, transport, stacking, etc.
9. Drying in the drying chamber or sintering in the tunnel kiln;
10. Finished sintered bricks;
11. Brick packing by packing machine


Why Us?

Located in Beijing, China. Shuangyashan Oriental Wall Material Group Co., Ltd was established in 1968 and engaged in supplying whole set of sintered brick machine from raw material preparation, extruder, cutter, brick setting machine, to kiln cars running system.

Shuangyashan provide turn-key sintered brick production line. Now our sintered brick machine making line are being established in Bangladesh, India, Russia, etc. And we have base in Bangladesh.

Shuangyashan has the all inclusive system to serve customers from project consultation, plant design, technology, equipment, tunnel construction, installation, debugging and training. With the comprehensive and thoughtful service, we supply customers with a set of management mode to ensure the users’ success.



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