Shale Brick Production

Advantage of Shale Material:

Shale is pressed and formed from clay in the Crust movement. Shale is generally brown, gray or black, with moderate hardness and easily broken, so the shale is easily processed into the desired brick materials. Based on the different content of silicon, calcium, carbon, shale can be divided into siliceous shale, calcareous shale and carbonaceous shales. And the siliceous shale is characterized by less deformation, less moisture absorption, as brick material, it is not easy weathering.

Shale and clay have similar chemical composition: silicon, calcium, aluminum, iron compound are more than 80% of the total composition.


Description of Shale Brick Machine:

Shale bricks making machine made by Shuangyashan can take shale as raw material to produce shale bricks. The host of shale brick production line is a vacuum brick extruder machine, which is a brick strips pressing and extruding machine with big pressing force, strong rigid, seal dust-proof, circulating lubrication, simple operation, durable and high output.

Shuangyashan shale brick machine host has 2 specifications, JKY and JKB, with different pressure and capacity.

The shale bricks production line equipment include crushers, mixers, feeders, extruders, strips cutting machine, adobe cutting machine, brick setting machine, kiln system equipment, loading and packing machine. Shuangyashan provide different bricks production line solutions according to customers' need.


Features and Applications:

1. Raw material of shale brick machine can be shale, coal gangue, clay and fly ash;
2. Stand bricks and hollow bricks can be made by different moulds;
3. High-temperature sintering with good durability and big compressive strength;
4. Beatiful brick color, natural color never fade, shows classical and warm beauty;
5. Bricks are of good moisture absorption to adjust the room climate;
6. Fully auto operation and easy maintenance.


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