Perforated Brick Machine


Perforated Brick:

A perforated brick is a sinterd brick that can be made from clay, shale and fly ash and the hole porosity is not less than 15% to 30%. The holes are round or quare with small size. The main use of perforated brick is for load-bearing walls.

Compared with sintered ordinary brick, the sintered porous brick can reduce buildings weight by about 30%, clay saving 20% to 30%, fuel savings of 10% to 20%, efficiency increasing 40% of wall construction, can substantially improve brick thermal insulation properties.

Perforated Brick Machine:

A perforated brick machine refers to machines which are employed to make perforated bricks. Shuangyashan provides full set of perforated brick machine production line including crushers, mixers, feeders, extruders, cutters, brick setting machine, kiln system and packing system.



1. Types of Shuangyashan perforated brick extruder:Vacuum Brick Extruder JKY and Vacuum Brick Extruder JKB;
2. Raw material: Clay, shale, coal or fly ash, etc;
3. Small sized holes with large number. Holes area ≥25% and holes diameter ≤22mm;
4. Types of perforated brick: All sizes are available with different molds;
5. Application of perforated brick: Load bearing walls.

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