06-01 2015

Double Shaft Mixer Improve Brick Quality

Double shaft mixer is used to mix the crashed materials sufficiently in the processing course of raw materials, in order to gain the wet materials. It can improve the quality of the brick.

05-28 2015

Comparison of Tunnel Kiln and Hoffman Kiln

Tunnel kiln is designated firing kiln, and the temperature of kiln walls and roof of is constant with stable heat source. Tunnel kiln is designed with less coal feeding hole, Hoffman kiln with variou…

05-28 2015

High Quality Roller Crusher for Africa

GS series roller crusher is mainly used to crush the raw materials such as gangue, industial waste, clay and other materials. It is an ideal raw material handling machine.

05-25 2015

Fine Powdery Material Feeder- Disk Feeder with Screen

The disc feeder is a fine powdery material feeder suitable for non-cohesive materials like coal powder, cement, chamotte, limestone, shale, gangue and clunch.

05-19 2015

Shuangyashan Participated Moscow International Building Materials Exhibition

On April 13, 2015, Shuangyashan Oriental Wall Material Group Co., Ltd. participated in the 2015 Moscow International Building Materials Exhibition. We made a discussion and exchange of experiences rel…

05-18 2015

Shuangyashan Hammer Crushers Satisfy Various Granularity Requirements

Raw material of bricks can be clay, gangue, fly ash and shale. Hammer crusher is used to treat the materials in brick production line.

05-14 2015

Shuangyashan Introduced Soft Mud Brick Making Technology

Soft mud brick making technology can settle the raw material with high sand rate (sand content is 40%) or high water rate (water content is 30%).

05-11 2015

Bangladesh Office of Shuangyashan

The main purpose of establishing Bangladeshoffice is giving technical support to customers and strong after-sales service, expanding bangladesh market.

05-06 2015

Leaders of Shuangyashan Attended IDCOL Meeting in Bangladesh

On Thursday, April 23,2015, General Manager Kang Beiling, vice president Wu Zhenghong of our company and Bangladesh office staff participated in the seminar "how to develop efficient kiln and furnace,…

05-04 2015

EETA and TILES Project in Bangladesh

EETA and TILES is the first project in Bangladesh, which is the first step of Shuangyashan in developing Bangladesh market. Shuangyashan carry out brick making system of twice brick setting and firing…