01-07 2016

DQY Series Hydraulic Bucket Excavator

Hydrauliac bucket excavator is used to excavating materials such as clay, coal gangue, shale, fly ash from the aging room. It is a good machine in the brick production line.

01-05 2016

CP 110X100 Hammer Crusher in Brick Production Line

The CP series hammer crushers are an ideal fine crushing equipment in brick production line for the material after primary crushing (by jaw crusher).

12-28 2015

Brick Extruder JKB with Capacity of 20,000 Bricks/h

The brick extruder JKB is a two-stage vacuum brick strips forming and extruding machine which is mainly used to make clay strips that can be cut into green bricks by strip cutter in the next step.

12-24 2015

Auto Brick and Block Cutting Machine

The strip cutter ZQT is an automatic brick strips cutting machine employed to cut the strips after being extruded from the vacuum extruders. The cutting length can be adjusted.

12-22 2015

Full-automatic Setting System Clay Brick Tunnel Kiln

The tunnel kiln is the key equipment for brick firing and fuel for firing can be heavy oil, diesel, natural gas or coal. The brick setting, stacking and unloading are carried out outside the tunnel ki…

12-18 2015

Superiority of Shuangyashan Clay Brick Making Machine

Shuangyashan clay brick making machine is fully automatic controlled by pneumatic or electric clutch. The reduce surface is hardened so as to prolong machine service life.

12-15 2015

Shuangyashan Clay Brick Machine is Popular in India Market

Shuangyashan clay brick machine in india with high pressing and forming pressure, which is mainly used to produce mud slit with certain specifications.

12-10 2015

Shuangyashan Brick Making Machine Adapt Varieties Environments

The axles and gears of JKB brick making machine are mainly made of excellent coal steels and other high quality alloy steels, so our product can adapt varieties environments.

12-07 2015

Full Automatic Brick Cutting Machine for Brick Factory

The function of full automatic brick cutting machine is to cut the block extruderd by the extruder machine into green brick pieces. The full automatic brick cutting machine is available for the blocks…

12-02 2015

Production Flow of Sintered Bricks

Sintered brick machine is employed to make sintered bricks from raw materials such as clay, shale, fly ash, lime sand, gangue, cinder, construction wastes, etc.