02-26 2016

Tunnel Kiln for Brick Making in Brick Production Line

The tunnel kiln is the key equipment for brick firing and fuel for firing can be heavy oil, diesel, natural gas or coal. The firing kiln system has characteristics of safety, energy-saving and environ…

02-22 2016

What Kind of Kiln Type You Prefer in Brick Production Line ?

5. What kind of kiln type you prefer to? a. Tunnel kiln (automatic control, low energy consumption, but high investment) b. Hoffman kiln (bad working conditions, high energy consumption, environment …

02-17 2016

Automatic Brick Setting Machine in Brick Production Line

Different robot has different bearing capacity and it can be choosed in according to factory technology, the clamp is easy to adjust, and moving range is small, suitable for kinds of bricks.

02-15 2016

Hard-finishing Reducer Keep Automatic Brick Machine Long Life

Auto brick machine, JK series two-stage vacuum extruder is mainly used to produce mud slit with certain specifications. Hard-finishing reducer can keep long life and enough pressure.

01-28 2016

Brick Extruder for Solid Brick Production

The brick extruder JKB are applicable for the production of solid brick, load-bearing perforated brick, and high-rate hollow bricks with the matericals of clay, coal gangue, shale, high-volume fly-ash…

01-26 2016

Wear Resistant JKB Clay Brick Making Machine

With wear resistant metal spraying technology, JKB clay brick making machine harden surface gear was adopted in reducer, clutch are a component, all the treatments make the brick machine life-saving.

01-20 2016

Shuangyashan Brick Machine Reduce Consumption Power in Operation Process

Brick Machine used is made of all steel structure. Brick Machine used is made by high quality steel plate welding. Brick Machine used is suitable for the small brickyard or the area which is lack of e…

01-18 2016

Structure Featues of Clay Brick Making Machine

Clay brick making machine are applicable forthe production of solid brick, load-bearing perforated brick, and high-rate hollow bricks with the materials of clay, coal gangue, shale, fly-ash, etc.

01-14 2016

Automatic Clay Brick Machine for Brick Making Production Line

Automatic clay brick machine is largely used for forming of various hollow bricks made from coal gangue, shale, coal dust and other industrial slag.

01-11 2016

Clamping Force Adjustable Automatic Brick Stacking Machine

The automatic brick unloading machine is used to unload the finished bricks from the kiln car. It is for stacking unfired bricks into the kiln cars in the brick production line.