Hard Molding and Soft Molding of Vacuum Brick Extruder

It is well known the vacuum brick extruder can be hard or soft molding of bricks according to different pressure. Brick extruders can be divided into 3 kinds in different countries: ① working molding pressure 0.4-1.8MPa (Western Europe bar, 1bar = 1.02kg / cm2) for soft plastic molding; ② working molding pressure 1.8-2.5MPa for semi-hard plastic molding; ③ working molding pressure 2.5-8.0MPa for hard plastic molding. (The segment data is from Germany Han Bechtel)

There is no strict categories in China. Roughly: forming moisture (wet basis)> 20% for soft plastic extrusion; forming moisture (wet basis) 16%-20% for semi-hard plastic extrusion; forming moisture (wet basis) 12%-16% for hard molding squeeze out. Of course, the performance of the molding water content has great relationship with raw materials forming. It is not rigorous to sort the molding ways only according to the water content, and we may also take the brick strength into consideration, such as penetrometer strength.


Shuangyashan brick extruders are designed with different molding pressure to meet the molding and extruding of different materials with different moisture.

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