Shuangyashan Brick Machine Reduce Consumption Power in Operation Process

Shuangyashan Oriental Wall Material Group Co., Ltd was established in 1968 and engaged in supplying whole set of fired brick making machine from raw material preparation, extruder, cutter, brick setting machine, to kiln cars running system.

After more than 40 years development and innovation, now it can serve customers with full service and is capable of ensuring the success of customers. Raw material of bricks can be clay, gangue, fly ash and shale.

Brick Machine used is made of all steel structure. Brick Machine used is made by high quality steel plate welding. Brick Machine used is suitable for the small brickyard or the area which is lack of electric power.


Brick Machine used is suitable for producing various solid brick and hollow bricks such as gangue, shale, flyash, clay. The drift adopt the wear-resisting metal powder spray coating technology; The superior mixer shaft, the drift macro axis, the up and down body etc. are all passed the aging, quenching and tempering process;
The speed reducer gears are all the hard tooth surface; The clutch uses the screw compressor patent technology, Greatly improve the working life of equipment.
The brick machine has rational design, compact structure, smooth operation, can greatly reduce the consumption power by vibration in equipment operation process.

Shuangyashan Oriental Wall Material Group Co., Ltd has the all inclusive system to serve customers from project consultation, plant design, technology, equipment, tunnel construction, installation, debugging and training. With the comprehensive and thoughtful service, we supply customers with a set of management mode to ensure the users’ success. Shuangyashan had built more than 620 production lines at home and overseas such as in Russia, Bangladesh, Angola, Saudi Arabia, Peru, India, and Kazakhstan. Welcome to enquiry!


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