Large Brick Machine Production Lines


Shuangyashan is a world leading brick machine manufacturer and exporter which is engaged in supplying whole set of sintered brick machines from raw material treatment to finished bricks. We carried out many large brick machine production lines worldwide such as in India, Bangladesh, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekista, Angola, Saudi Arabia, etc. Besides, our single brick machines also exported to Brazil, South Korea, South Africa, etc.


We are capable of providing large brick machine lines with large production scale from 30 - 400 million standard bricks per year. Now we have several large production lines under construction in India, Bangladesh and Russia.

Raw material of the large brick machine line can be clay, shale, gangue, fly ash, poor soil, construction waste, etc. Main steps: crushing, mixing, feeding, forming, cutting, brick setting, drying, firing and packing. The finished bricks can be all sized solid bricks, standard bricks, hollow bricks, perforated bricks, bricks with logo, etc.


Shuangyashan are now building offices overseas to offer excellent service globally. For example, our Bangladesh office has served 3 large brick production lines in local brick factories. So for global customers, we have confidence to ensure their success.


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