Some Brick Production Lines Supported by SYS in China

Adopting advanced technology, Shuangyashan Oriental Wall Material Co., Ltd. have established more than 400 brick production lines in China and worldwide. The following are some typical production lines companies in China.


1. Tianjin Guohuan Shale Making Co., Ltd.
Project: Sintered hollow brick production Line with the capacity of 260 million pieces per year.
Raw material: shale

Tianjin Guohuan Shale Making Co., Ltd. have introduced our complete brick production lines three times totally to reach the capacity of 260 million per year finally.

In 1998, they parchased the JZK50/45 Vacuum Extruder, adopted annular kiln for sintering and semi-automatic technology to obtain the capacity of 30 million per year for the shale hollow bricks.

In 2000, they chose JZK70/60 Vacuum Extruder, adopted tunnel kiln for burning, automatic brick setting system to realize the capacity of 60 million per year for shale hollow bricks.

2. Qitaihe Clean Coal (Group) Co., Ltd.

Raw material: Coal gangue, shale and fly ash
Capacity: 60 million bricks per year

The brick production line adopted loading-unloading brick setting system, wide tunnel drying chamber, tunnel kiln for burning as twice brick setting system. This project has complex raw material, high moisture in the wet brick and mechanized two brick setting technology.

3. Shuangyashan Changshen Decorated Brick Co., Ltd.

Project: Sintered Hollow Brick Production Line with the capacity of 60 million per year
Raw material: Shale

This Brick Production Line adopted once brick setting system, robot brick setting and group, small width tunnel kiln. The project is featured of high efficiency, brick setting in line.

4. Beijing Haikun Building Material Factory

Project: Sintered brick production line with the capacity of 60 million per year
Raw material: Coal Gangue and shale

Beijing Haikun Buliding Material Group adopted shale and coal gangue as raw material, dried by labor, annular burning to achieve the capacity of 180 million for sintered hollow bricks. This project has less investment, high profit and easy to operate. It is the commonly seen standard brick production line for companies in village and town.

Project Feature:
1. Wheel mill to crush the raw material
2. Adopt high pressure extruder with molding pressure can be 3.0Mpa.
3. Natural air drying, annular kiln for buring.

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