Shuangyashan Brick Machine for India Market


Research on Indian Brick Industry:

Shuangyashan Oriental Wall Material Group Co., Ltd. has been committed to expand the Indian markets. For the Indian brick market, we are constantly making study and research.

There are approximately 10 tunnel kiln located in the vicinity of Chandigarh, Delhi, Coimbatore and Thrissur. There 1000 roofing tile manufacturer located in Karnataka, Bangalore - Cary Carter - Thrissur coastal Barra Card - Moore areas. In the Indo-Gangetic plains and several neighboring countries, there are approximately 350,000 workers for Istanbul's brick kiln, the kiln is also called high chimney kiln.

Shuangyashan Oriental Wall Material Group Co., Ltd is expanding India market on the brick making industry, have built 2 brick production lines there. And at the same time, we do not stop researching India brick making market.


Main Features of Indian Brick Industry:

1. The most common brick size: 9 "x4.25" x3 " namely: 225x105x75mm
2. Total annual production: 200 billion, second only to China. Most soft mud brick production capacity in the world.
3. Annual turnover: 500 billion rupees, equivalent to about 7 billion euros
4. Number of brick Enterprise: more than 100,000
5. The annual production time: 6-7 months
6. Production: in most enterprises, manual work, natural drying and Istanbul's kiln firing
7. Number of employees: about 1100 people (most of them are seasonal workers)
8. Energy Use: The use of coal in India is in the third, behind the power and steel
9. Topsoil consumption: 540 million t/y

The above data shows the problems of the Indian brick industry: backward production mode, small production scale, high energy consumption and backward equipment.

How We can Help?

Shuangyashan Oriental Wall Material Group can help customers increase the brick capacity, high automatic level and energy efficiency.


Shuangyashan Oriental Wall Material Group Co., Ltd is subsidiary of CECEP. Shuangyashan company is a leading enterprise for producing new wall materials, manufacturing equipment, constructing kiln and guiding technology in brick & tile field. It is a professional enterprise to provide customer with sintered brick production line with clay, gangue, fly ash or shale.

1. We provide high quality brick making equipment and whole brick production line
2. We make kiln system for customers
3. We carry out brick making solutions according to specific conditions
4. We sell finished bricks
5. We have offices overseas
6. We own excellet after sales service

This video is a 3D animation of brick making production line of Shuangyashan Oriental Wall Material Group Co., Ltd. We can provide overall brick production line equipment and technology support.

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