SYS Automatic Brick Making Program in Bangladesh

SYS is a Chinese leading enterprises in building materials industry and brick equipment. Built in 1969, SYS is headquartered in Beijing. In 2009, the first auto brick machine enter the Bangladesh market, and establish service offices in 2012 with 4 permanent staff: Mechanical engineers, tunnel kiln engineer, marketing manager and after service. We have civil engineer, equipment installation engineers and furnace construction guide personnel at the customer site.

Bangladesh office Address: Flat AB # 5, House # 123, Road # 1, Baridhara DOHS, Dhaka, Bangladesh.


After several years of research and development, we have a comprehensive grasp of the situation of brick making market in Bangladesh, for example, sales of Bengal clay bricks; brick properties of raw materials, brick technology, the advantages and disadvantages, degree of automation, brick equipment requirements, preparations for the new brick factory project in Bangladesh, the Bangladesh artificial construction speed, level, influnce of Bangladesh weather on schedule and so on.

We have complished 1 project and are carring out 6 ongoing automated brick factory project in Dhaka, Gazipur, Jamapur, Sylhet district, which are speak highly by customer.


SYS owns 45 years of professional management and innovation, to provide users with a full-service organization system: construction consulting, raw material experiments, process design, equipment manufacture, original spare parts supply, equipment installation, design and construction of brick guidance, overseas offices, as well as 7 * 24 hours free on-site service to ensure user success.


How We can Help?

Shuangyashan Oriental Wall Material Group (SYS) can help customers deal with the brick making project from the begining to the end. 

SYS is a branch of CECEP. SYS is a leading enterprise for producing new wall materials, manufacturing equipment, constructing kiln and guiding technology in brick and tile industry. It is a professional enterprise to provide customer with brick production line with clay, gangue, fly ash or shale as raw material.

1. SYS provide high quality brick making equipment and whole brick production line
2. SYS make kiln system for customers
3. SYS carry out brick making solutions according to specific conditions
4. SYS sell finished bricks
5. SYS have offices in Bangladesh
6. SYS own excellet after sales service

 This video shows auto brick making line in Beijing, China.



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