Auto Brick Machine for Russian Market

Russian brick products demand continue to grow at an average rate of 10% every year. At present, the real estate has become a popular business. According to the report, the national industrial and commercial housing buildings completed area reached 130 million square meters and 130 million square meters in the last two years, which means the building area is more than total area of the past 10 years.

Real estate development requires a lot of building decoration materials, especially for the clay bricks, will lead to strong increase of brick machine production lines.


To seize the chance, Shuangyashan has open Russian brick machine market with its good products. SYS has built 4 brick production lines in Russia's far east (sakhalin, khabarovsk, irkutsk) with an annual output of 30 million Russian standard brick brick production line.


Shuangyashan Oriental Wall Material Group Co., Ltd was built in 1968, supplying whole set of clay brick machines from raw material to finished bricks. Main brick machines are raw material processing machine such as crusher, mixer and feeder, brick extruder machine, auto brick setting machine such as brick cutting machine, brick turning machine, grouping machine and grasp robot, kiln system, brick packing machine and so on.


The brick machines are highly automatic with less labor, big capacity and high efficient. We provide turn-key project from beginning to brick selling. With confidence to cooperate with us and will carry out the best solution for you. SYS has professional Russian market service staff and sales who can speak Russian with best service.


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