Annual Output 80 Million Hollow Bricks Production Line in Jinzhai, China


Shuangyashan Oriental Wall Material Group Co., Ltd. continue to develop domestic market. we establish a new brick production line in Jinzhai, Anhui Province, China. This production line and brick making equipments are designed strictly according to the material test reports and customer needs.

Location: Jinzhai, Anhui Province, China.
Raw materials: clay and coal.
Firing: Inside combustion.
Capacity: 80 million hollow bricks (400x200x150mm) or standard bricks (Chinese standard brick size: 240x115x53mm) annual output of 100 million,

Extruder model: JKY60 / 60J-4.0 clay extruder with simultaneous extrusion of four clay strips.
Brick setting machine: intelligent robotic automatic brick setting machine.
Kiln system: once brick setting and firing of drying chamber and fired tunnel kiln.
Brick advantages: The hollow block bricks has the advantages of less construction costs, energy-saving and environmental protection, good thermal insulation effect, improving the comfort of the house.

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