EETA and TILES Project in Bangladesh

EETA and TILES is the first project in Bangladesh, which is the first step of Shuangyashan entering Bangladesh market. Through which we gradually find out the basic information of brick machine and brick kiln in Bangladesh market, as well as the conditions of the brick making and workers. Shuangyashan carry out brick making system of twice brick setting and firing, small drying holes and manual picking adobes according to local conditions and economic conditions.

Since the establishment of Bangladesh office in May 2014, we have received more than 200 customers from Dhaka, Bogut that, Chittagong, Karma Djibouti and other regions, promoting business development, project support, after sale service and business publicity.


On March 27, 2015, our staff paid a visit to EETA and TILES. Bangladesh customers expressed high confidence on our service. We take 2015 as an important year for marketing strategy forward, the company pay more attention to the international market. But there are many differences in culture, behavior, humanistic philosophy, religion and in global markets.

In Bangladesh, the industrial modernization foundation is not that strong. During the exchange process, our staff need patience to explain or hands-on. Although it increased the burden of our service, we establish a mutual trust intimacy with users.


With the guidance of my company "full sales" and "sales front forward" thinking, Company's leadership, technical personnel, sales staff, translators are more actively engaged in the front line, resolve customer confusion and technical problems in the first time.

Currently, the capacity of EETA and TILES brick production line is up to 200,000 standard bricks, kiln production up to 100,000 bricks, and they are planning to build a second tunnel kiln production line with capacity of 100,000 brick, now we are making a friendly negotiation on the project.

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